By Juliya Perchits
Size: 7″ , handmade, one of a kind
Category: Bears

Teddy bear Primitive is soft stuffed with sawdust, small stones, embroidered flowers on his body. His head and hands can turn around.

Materials: German viscose, painted with oil;

Item Details:
Size: 18 cm
Materials: Germane viscous, glass eyes, sawdust, small stones,

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Price: USD 100.00
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Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Mar 21, 2022

Algae is a water-loving bear. She loves to sit by the seaside and watches the waves 🌊for hours. She told her bear Mummy once that she dreamt of being a mermaid 🧜‍♀️ ✨ So bear Mummy created a most lovely, enchanting and fluffy light dress from tulle and lace stripes for her bear girl 💖🧸💖 If you’re looking out for beautiful Algae… you can find her at the beach, her new dress flowing in the wind, chatting with the seagulls, collecting seashells 🥰
In the meantime she also likes to take care for our garden flowers 🌺

Juliya, Algae is a beauty herself - but the clothes you gave her are stunning and match perfectly with her green eyes and paws… that’s 100% Algae 🌱🧸

Such beauty in your garden. Algae is satisfied. And mom is a bear - it's probably me?😉😘
Juliya Perchits
Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Mar 5, 2022

Forest came out of the woods where he lives with his brother Swamp. While relaxing in the meadow and catching some ☀️ sunbeams, a little bird 🐦 friend landed on his paw and chirped from love and peace for everyone … 🧸🕊💖
Juliya, wishing you and your family a safe time. Please stay optimistic and healthy 🙏

Dear Sabrina! Thank you very much!😘
Juliya Perchits
Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Dec 29, 2021

Ali is our Christmas king 👑 and Santa’s (tree bear) little helper 🐻
He wrapped all the presents for us and decorated the Christmas tree 🎄 …. and himself 😂😘😆
Quite a lot work for such a young bear… but he still finds enough time to go out for a walk with his doggy friend 🐶

Ali is a happy and cute guy, Juliya! I’m very happy with this adoption ❤️

Wow 🤩 King 👑😃
Juliya Perchits
Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Dec 26, 2021

Ho ho ho! Santa‘s in the house 🎅 ✨
Tree bear came through the chimney in a new special outfit just in time for Christmas eve 🌟

Lots of presents 🎁 in the gift bag to hand out… and afterwards enjoying wonderful Christmas time ❤️🎄

Dear Juliya, thank you so much for the extraordinary beautiful velvet collar and cap 🤩

Sabrina, I am very glad that you liked everything🎉🎅
Juliya Perchits
Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Dec 25, 2021

Swamp has an exciting life. He lives in the forests where he fosters wild animals like birds, bunnies and deers who need his help because they’re injured or starving. Swamp helps and feeds them all, he is a selfless and merciful bear 🐻 Today it’s our task to give Swamp something back and we invited him to celebrate Christmas holidays with us 🎄🎁❤️
It looks like he is enjoying his time here ✨🌟

Swamp is a cute fella with a huge bear personality. We love him and share his compassion and friendship for animals 🥰😘

Thank you very much🤗
Juliya Perchits
Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Dec 25, 2021

Dobby is a famous actor and played a leading character in the well known Harry Potter films. We all know the lovable house elf, don’t we 😉
He is very proud of his success and we love to watch the films together.
🎥 📽🎞📺

Dobby is an adorable personality, Juliya!
The colour and haptic of his shining plush fur is
stunning 🤩 I don’t have much time to tell you more about Dobby because I have to go now and watch Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban 🧐🤓… together with Dobby ❤️

Your reviews are awesome 👏 as always.
Juliya Perchits
Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Dec 22, 2021

Little hedgehog 🦔 is an avid traveler and flies today to the flickering lights of Christmas 🎄 wonderland in his beautiful balloon 🎈 Let us keep fingers crossed that he gets there safe and sound without any aerodynamical problems… looks like success for our cutie pie 🌟✨💫⭐️

Another adorable creation by Juliya. The balloon is made of a mixture of the most precious fabrics and our hedgehog is most lovable, too ❤️🦔❤️

Review by Heitz F.
France, on Dec 21, 2021

Beautiful bear i m very happy😊

Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Nov 28, 2021

Bear Coral is a true beach boy and the keeper of the ocean. He knows about the problems humans create to the sea animals. So he often dives deep to save sea turtles, seals and other animals from fishing nets, plastic wrappings etc. Over the years he got in many dangerous situations, that’s why his fur is torn and bleached from the sea salt and sun. Bear Coral doesn’t complain about that - it’s his and Kitty‘s destiny to help and save the ocean and its creatures. Let us all follow their inspiration and make this world a little bit better

Thanks a lot. I am very glad to see the cat and the bear together😍
Juliya Perchits
Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Nov 24, 2021

Danial is our little Christmas Prince… he adores the twinkling lights ✨ ✨ ✨ and even found an angel friend to kiss 😇😘
What a flattering bear 🐻 ❤️

Hope it isn’t to indiscrete or tactless to show these intimate photos of our cutie here

Thank you very much 😘😘😘 Your review is great as always☺️
Juliya Perchits
Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Nov 24, 2021

Trick or treat 🎃 👻 🎃
Today it’s Halloween‘s eve and our little friend goes from house to house to scare the people and collect lots of sweets in his cloth bag
🍭 🍬 🍫🍪🍩
He is not very successful in scaring but in collecting… the bag is already full of treats 🤗yummy yummy 😋
He wears his favorite velvet cape Mummy made for him and a matching witch 🧙‍♀️ hat, that’s why everybody he visits whelms him with all kinds of candies ❤️🧸❤️

Juliya, he‘s gorgeous. And famous as well - a bear with many portraits of himself 😉😗🤩

I am so glad to see how the Halloween Bear performs his direct duties😄🤗
Juliya Perchits
Review by Sabrina H.
Germany, on Nov 24, 2021

Gorgeous little teddy bear Watchmaker loves… guess what… all kinds of clocks ⏰ 🕰 He repairs and takes care especially of the old ones, because he knows that these clocks had exciting lives and withstood turbulent times. He understands what they tell him when they’re ticking 😘😍🥰
Time flies by… tic tac… tic tac… and Watchmaker sits and listens to the beautiful voices and sound of his beloved clocks

What a lovely little teddy bear, Juliya! He’s full of personality in his little plush body, he catches my heart everytime I watch him listening 🤗🤗

What a wonderful review 👏😍😊 Your talent to write such great reviews would be the envy of even J.K. Rowling. 🐻🧸⏰🕰 Thanks for the New Year's fairy tale!!!
Juliya Perchits

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